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Skin Care Services

At Vineyard Electrolysis & Clinical Aesthetics, we take your skin therapy needs seriously.

We offer corrective skin care treatments, focusing on treating specific skin care conditions with technologically advanced ingredients and procedures.

The reality is there comes a point in life when good health is only achieved with consistent effort; diet, exercise and lifestyle. Healthy skin is no exception. Once a week or once a month attempts are not going to produce or maintain the desired results.

Daily sun protection (that means every day) and consistent home care with high quality products are the only way to decrease undesirable conditions and maintain the integrity of your skin. Professional treatments will boost the epidermal skin cell renewal process by allowing advanced product penetration for quicker results. Properly maintained skin should see marked improvement in 6 to 8 weeks from diligently following a recommended treatment plan.

Product Selection

Our product selections were developed for clinical use and chosen specifically for the availability of the industry's newest and most active ingredients in the most effective, highest quality combinations. This allows for customized treatments that are tailored to your specific skin condition at the time of each service. As your skin conditions evolve, so should your treatments. The resolution of initial treatment goals, seasonal, hormonal or health related changes, the preparation or healing phases of invasive procedures can all warrant an update in your particular treatment.

We Are Proud to Provide Transformational Skin Therapy

Our goal is to effectively treat skin conditions and assist with continued home care. All of our treatments include a skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation, extractions when appropriate, masks, massage of the face, neck and decollate when appropriate and the application of carefully selected products to nourish and treat specific conditions. The electrical modalities of high frequency and iontophoresis may be incorporated when they would be beneficial to treatment and are not contra-indicated. Advanced exfoliation treatments to soften the keratin bond of surface skin cells, improving the skin's texture, stimulating new skin cell growth and giving the natural collagen synthesis a boost are recommend. Best results are initially obtained through a series of treatments. A follow up maintenance schedule is suggested for optimal skin health.

Customized Skin Therapy Treatments

Age Management/Hydration: Designed to address intrinsic and extrinsic aging by using advanced ingredients including peptides, collagen activators, sodium hyaluronate and antioxidants to re-nourish, re-hydrate and rebalance the skin. Leaves the skin refreshed, radiant and refined.

Sensitive Skin/Rosacea: Over-stimulation and genetics can cause capillary distention, inflammation, sensitive and sensitized skin. This treatment incorporates specific ingredients to calm, sooth and improve the skin's texture using gentle treatment techniques.

Skin Lightening/Pigmentation: Using products that include lightening agents as well as melanin inhibitors, this treatment is designed to enhance a diligent home care regime addressing hormonal, trauma or solar induced pigmentation.

Oily/Acneic: Acne can affect the skin at any age due to stress, diet, hormones and lifestyle. Identifying acne triggers and the grade of acne present will determine the treatment protocol designed to relieve congestion and lesions.

Advanced Exfoliation Treatments

All Advanced Exfoliation Treatments are extended to include a thorough cleansing, extractions if appropriate, mask, skin hydration and sun protection.

Firming Enzyme Treatment: This exceptionally gentle micro-exfoliation peel contains agents for firming & tightening effects, giving the skin an instant, visible lift. Papain & Bromelain enzymes do the work of loosening the keratin bond of dead skin cells to brighten & smooth the skin's texture. Appropriate for all skin types.

Lactic Sensitive Skin Resurfacer: This peel is for skin types that want to achieve the dramatic benefits of glycolic acid, but are sensitive to its properties. Lactic acid significantly assists in hydration & lightening of the skin, as well as reducing the signs of aging, scarring & acne. Appropriate for most skin types, including retinol users.

Glycolic Acid 40% Gel Resurfacer: The benefits of glycolic are renowned for improving the overall appearance of the skin. Containing a high concentration of glycolic acid combined with the benefits of salicylic, lactic & malic acids, this peel is highly effective for hyper-pigmentation, congestion, acne blemishes & photo-damaged skin.

Salicylic Acid 20% Resurfacer: This is a powerful peel combination of salicylic & glycolic acids that produces deep mitotic stimulation, resulting in increased cellular turnover. It is very useful on oily, acneic or sluggish skin.

Vitamin C Treatment: A highly effective antioxidant treatment using 20% Superior C Physician Strength treatment serum, in addition to C-Lipoic Cleanser, C-Lipoic Antioxidant Serum, C-Lipoic Mask, C-Lipoic Lip Enhancer and C-Lipoic Eye Cream. This treatment brightens, lightens, smoothes and firms the skin, as well as nourishes. Helps prevent collagen deterioration and attacks free radicals. Perfect for tired, understimulated skin.

Pumpkin Enzyme Resurfacer: This professional treatment is formulated with pumpkin & papain enzymes, along with the high performance ingredients of glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid to renew, revive, rejuvenate and nourish the skin. Packed with antioxidants including natural olive leaf extract, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, green tea extract & more, this peel refines skin texture and fine lines. It aids in lightening pigmentation, improves hydration and barrier function of the skin. Much too good to be saved for seasonal use!

All treatments are inclusive of sun protection.

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